Here is a short overview

What should you expect?

In this institution, we offer custom-tailored programmes that have been researched and designed to suit the diverse needs of the learners. Our facilities are equipped with modern apparatus that the student will find very useful and easy to use.

Talent based learning

As the names suggests,the focus is on your talent and not grades! You can use your talent to progress in this institution to bachelors, masters or doctoral degree in beauty and human grooming.

Professional & Scientific Assessment

At this institution there are practical programmes at various levels, based on your innate talent. Candidates have the opportunity to become professional beauticians and hair stylists.

All inclusive

There are different options, all with the aim of training students on the right exquisiteness skills. Whichever course you choose will equip you with the relevant techniques required to work in splendor spurs and parlors or even start-up your own.


Programmes offered